三月 20, 2006

Monday... no mood to work >_<

suki created this charm, actually planned to print it out and paste it on my bed de. (reason see the previous post entry).

but no color printer at office >_<

hmmmm... long time ago i created a website at brinkster, got a few psychology tests (in chinese of course), a few games (si bei boh liao only do de, that time just started to learn ASP, so tried to do some programming lor :D), and a compatibility calculator :D

Psychology Test 1: http://www26.brinkster.com/veetian/test001.asp
Psychology Test 2: http://www26.brinkster.com/veetian/test002.asp
Compatibility Calculator: http://www26.brinkster.com/veetian/test003.asp
Si Bei Boh Liao de games:

Also, did this test from whobirdyou.com (isn't this domain name cute? I love it =D):

The test quite accurate... some la :D
你是一個在心智上完全臻於成熟的人。每天精神奕奕、充滿自信,同時又很受到朋 友們的信賴。但是相對地,你對日常生活乃至人生的態度稍嫌嚴肅了一點。

三月 17, 2006

卡到阴 T__T

had this converation with suki, keke
red is me, blue is her

just came back -__-
tell u sth

oooooooo yes yes..
tell tell

had a horrendous experience last night while sleeping T__T
wahseh.. wad happened
had a nightmare mah?
or hav u been kicked down your bed by your gal.. hahaa
while i was half asleep, suddenly felt whole body kena pinned, numbed my hand and leg cannot move, throat become hot and dry T__T

then i was thinking, suan le la, if really got ghost want to ya1 me, then let it ya1, too tired to struggle, so i continue with my sleep lor
taiwan ppl always say thats 卡到阴!
haha and then and then..
then that time the surrounding was too quiet liao, but suddenly my ears can hear a very strange noise, its a wind blow de sound, very loud, then got a guy talking to me in a language i can't understand T__T
walau... stil got guy tok to u~
i wanted to shout, but can't leh, damn scary, until i think, slowly slowly move my lips, suddenly everything turned quiet, then only i can open my eyes T__T
then my whole body aching, heart pounding very fast some more
then then..

then i continue sleeping la, but whole night can't calm down le, hahaha
was it your dreams or really happened
because too tired le
arhhhh tired until u so weak liao.. jialat..
should be really happened de, because i wasn't really asleep that time, i just lied down for 5 minutes, i was thinkning something before it happened
scary lehhh

last time i got such experience, that time maybe too stress liao, just sleep till halfway cannot move, but not like this time, got wind sound very loud beside my ear and got a guy whispering something to me T__T
omg omg..

i dun dare to tell my gal T__T because she kena once before also, until now still dun dare to sleep alone T__T if i tell her i kena also, lagi jialat
u muz be toooo tired le
hahahaha yalor, i also think so
can quit and find other job anot.. hahaha...

yesterday i on leave leh, didn't work :D
but u sounds more busy and tired when u are on leave
run here run there

because one day need to do so many things ma :D
all for your gal wan -.-

come to think of it
haha car dao yin
i dunno what it meant leh
u better find a day go temple pray pray
but just follow u lor :D
pray? i normally dun pray de leh T__T
its juz wad u hav described lor.. suddenly cannot talk.. throat v.dry..
but yesterday night after the whole story finish, i lay down there just kept on amitabha-ing only :D
then got cold sweat anot..
not that i know of :D
hehe.. u dun pray normally ar.. hmmm then wad do u do can let u 安心 abit..
hold a big stack of money as i sleep?
think with tat big stack of money in your arms.. the more u canl sleep lehh

sekali too worried got ppl will come and steal them away ne
ya lo.. hehee then everyday re-count see got lose one anot
then i think nothing can let me an xin liao
all along i slept very shallowly de leh
if got ppl look at me, i will wake up le

highly-alert :D
u are goldfish ar.. do u sleep with your eyes open!
why ppl look at u, u oso noe!
no leh, but the 气氛 not right then i will wake up
u will know when got ppl looking at u
LEOS all loved attention ma :D
now think le still will feel eerie

三月 14, 2006


Finally.. after 2 months and 20 days' waiting, I got my PR approval letter liao, keke... Actually been wanting to become a PR for quite some time le, but last time need to drive in SG very frequently, so decided to postpone..

Now got PR, can apply for a wider variety de jobs... but not now lor, as the agent's condition to apply PR for me is that I must serve at least one more year under the same company... haha, which means I need to work for NCS until at least 2007 de June!

Apart from job, I can finally apply for my own phone line le.. currently my m1 phone is under my aunt de, felt very paiseh keke..

Alas, am standing at a crossroad liao, becoming a PR means I now have the choice to settle down in SG... quite a good choice right? can slowly save money and buy car and flat, then slowly form a family here..

but I always had this plan of eventually returning to malaysia (not necessarily JB, I fancied penang more actually :D), as it was where I was breed and raised.. hmmm, if I commit myself to the work in SG... like bro HS lor, no turning back le :D

if that's the case, then it will be 20 years (at least) till I can fulfil my wish to return to msia to live... haha.. actually not much diff also la, I live in JB only, can go home every week some more :D

But then.. sigh, need to start planning le, buy car? house? buy in jb or here? headache ~__~

^o^ nevertheless i am still happy and grateful for my application to have gone through.. yahoo!~~~~

Me and PY at her company's D&D... haha, my hair style damn orbit, nobody tell me T__T hair got too long and messy till I cannot tahan... went to had them trimmed off yesterday :D now looked better le :D

Oh ya, PY only managed to win an NTUC voucher ($30 de :D, better than nothing lor)

ps: thank you suki for helping me purchasing the webspace, i am still slow at setting up the website >_<